Who Said That???

Quartermasters Log Day 50, 22nd July 2014

Great news today!!!  We’ve recruited another member onto the team today and everyone is very excited about it.  After some careful negotiations that went something like: ‘Hey, would you be interested in helping us out on this???’  ‘Sure, why not???’  We now have ourselves a talented voice actress to fill the role of our narrator.  We’re all excited to welcome Elizabeth Manning to our crew.

All jokes aside this new addition brings a lot to the team.  She’s experienced, helpful and has already provided some great insights into the process that I hadn’t thought of.  I’m sure we’ll be reaping the benefits of her help he whole way through the project.

I’ve also done a lot of work on the new crowdfunding campaign.  The setup on Indiegogo is much nicer than Kickstarter in my opinion and there are several big advantages in going with them.  First of all there’s no cap on donation amounts so we can sell business advertising on our sails and hull.  We’ve placed these ad spots under the title of Privateer.  Another big plus is that we can set a goal and then still get whatever we raise even if we fall short of that goal.  On Kickstarter we have to meet our goal or we get nothing.  I can understand how that could be beneficial but in our situation I think taking whatever we can get is the way to go.

Today’s quote is in honor of Mandela Day which was on the 18th.

‘Money won’t create success, the freedom to make it will.’

-Nelson Mandela

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