A Veritable Feast O’ Fish

Powder Monkey’s Cat’s Log, 28th June 2014

Today there was fish to be had…and I had them.  While it wasn’t the fresh fish I was promised it was still very tasty fish.  They were even soaking in saltwater in their little home.

The word monkey took me shopping with him today and he didn’t even notice when I dropped the tin of sardines into his basket.  The tricky part was to distract him again while it was all being rung up.  But I pulled it off, like the pirate I am, and was rewarded with a tasty treat that just fell apart and melted in my mouth.

It was heaven and it motivated me to work harder at being the most adorable and lovable member of the crew.  Soon we’ll all be out in the water and I’ll get all the fresh fish I can eat and then some.



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2 Responses to “A Veritable Feast O’ Fish”

  1. Tank the Tabby June 29, 2014 at 11:00 am

    You lucky cat. I never get fish — just fish-flavored dry cat food –but I dream of the day I might actually taste the real thing. Of course being the movie star you are, you deserve the very best so I’m not jealous. I hope the word monkey will realize how deserving you are of the real thing and stock your pantry with cans of sardines… Until you are actually at sea and the fresh variety is available.

    • Tank, well you know these monkeys…none of them are burdened with excessive intelligence, not like us cats. Sometimes you’ve just gotta outsmart ’em to get what you want.

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