Turtles, Waves, and Submarines


Today we saw a huge leather back turtle about 20 feet off the port side, it was headed north and we were headed south, it was an amazing sighting.  Sailing was pretty smooth during the day, we were making about 4 1/2 knots.  We were about 2 miles off shore.  I just don’t look off the starboard side, I prefer the port side with just ocean and sky and the dolphin pods.  At 18:25, Captain Polydeuces took the till.  There are about 3 foot swells with some white caps, since gas is a major factor on this run, the course must be held as steady as possible.  At 05:00 I was falling asleep sitting up, so the Captain sent me below deck, I climbed into my berth and was out cold until the Captain called for me.  The waves were about 5 feet, and all over the place, they seemed to be coming from every direction at once. The front end of the Argo would go up a wave, then there would be nothing below her bow and she would crash back down to the sea and the next wave would wash right over the top of our little ship.  Here is where I was baptized by salt water.  It eventually settled down as we entered the Chesapeake Bay.  I was sitting up top watching for things that we might hit or might hit us, it was a bit congested there at the mouth of the bay.  I saw a rectangle thing projecting from the water and I told the Captain, “I think that’s a submarine.”  He stood up to look and about that time the ship to shore radio started squawking and he gave me the till and answered the call on the radio.  It was the Navy Police telling him to give their submarine a 500 yard leeway, and they had really big guns on their boat.  I was sure glad the Argo would turn on a dime, the Captain turned hard to starboard, then we came into port.  This was an amazing 27 hour run.

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