The Thousand Year War For Fish

Powder Monkey’s Cat’s Log, 12th June 2014

More training today, can you believe that??? They made me hunt fake mice to prepare for hunting down the real thing on the boat.  As if I’d eat vermin when there’s a whole ocean of delicious fresh fish right over the bow.

I can practically taste them, which is good because this rag mouse tastes like an old sock.

How dare they expect me to eat rats!!! My revenge will be swift and merciless…The thousand year war for fish begins with a single battle, a single attack.




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2 Responses to “The Thousand Year War For Fish”

  1. Wow! Look at you! I didn’t realize that being an indoor pet could be so much fun! Wish your word monkey would let you come out and play with me. I would teach you how to hunt the real thing!

    Guess you probably haven’t noticed me. I’m your next door neighbor, Tank the Tabby. You can just call me

    I have admired you from afar for awhile now. I often see you sunning yourself in the Window at the front of your abode, or peeking through the curtains of said Window. Or sitting at the back door looking out. You’ve probably never noticed me, however.

    Anyway, I was glad to find this blog post. Best wishes on your big adventure.

    • Tank,
      Of course I’ve seen you out back, you’ve been coming by a lot lately. You’re welcome in my domain just be nice to my monkeys. They’re always running around back there patrolling for me but don’t be intimidated, they look tougher than they are.
      Of course I wish I could bring each and every fan along for my journey but the monkeys wouldn’t allow it. So i’m committed to doing the next best thing, taking you all with me through my blog posts here. I’ll bring you beautiful images as well as exciting tales of fun and adventure!!! All from my own unique perspective.
      See you soon!!!

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