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Say What???

For the last two days I’ve been working on our very own Argonauts Pirate dictionary.  This was actually a lot of fun to work on, though some parts were tedious, like going through and formatting the words and parts of speech.  While other part, like looking up phrases and words not already at my command and rewording […]


The monkeys were shooting more videos today and none of me, if you can believe that. Not a single shot I walked into was used in the final cuts, not even any of the narration I did off camera was included. Still you’ve got to feel bad for the monkeys, they’re not natural stars like […]

Another Day…

Quartermaster’s log day 4, 6th June, 2014. Our father always used to say ‘Another day another dime if you’re lucky, if not then you’ll be a dollar in the hole.’ Well today we were lucky and we took another bite out of our giant list of things to do, no small task when said list […]