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My Fans Await

I saw my biggest fan today and he’s working hard to get my official fan website up and running. We should be seeing something on that front soon. It’s hard being a celebrity like me but the most important thing is to always appreciate your fans. Thanks for all your hard work Tank!!!

Work??? Surely You Jest

Today the word monkey explained what a powder monkey does on a boat.  I find myself less than impressed.  Not only do those stupid monkeys expect me to do more than sit around looking adorable, but the work they want me to do involves carrying a smelly black powder and cannonballs around.

Of Life And Love

I’d like to talk about Motoko today and how she came to join The Gemini Project. When I decided to take part in this journey I though long and hard about what to do about her, not wanting to endanger her in any conceivable way and fearing that her reactions to being aboard a boat […]