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Who Said That???

Great news today!!! We’ve recruited another member onto the team today and everyone is very excited about it. After some careful negotiations that went something like: ‘Hey, would you be interested in helping us out on this???’ ‘Sure, why not???’ We now have ourselves a talented voice actress to fill the role of our narrator. […]

Say What???

For the last two days I’ve been working on our very own Argonauts Pirate dictionary.  This was actually a lot of fun to work on, though some parts were tedious, like going through and formatting the words and parts of speech.  While other part, like looking up phrases and words not already at my command and rewording […]

Kra-taten Fool…

Lots got done today. Dave was able to get the hatch repairs prepped by doing some cleaning and laying out of materials and I was able to complete designs of our pirate flag as well. It was nice to work on some graphic art for a while. I guess it just feels good to have […]

Gathering of the Argonauts

Gathering of the Argonauts

Working from deep within the bowels of Navel Headquarters, located in Chambersburg PA, I am pleased with the planning of this expedition. Although outgunned and out-manned my Argonauts are the ones to outclass their adversaries and they radiate the strength of will necessary to win this fight. Moral is high and the crew has been […]

Across The Board

Everything just fell into place as Dave and I worked our magic on the raw lumps of clay most men would call ideas. Like the master artists of bygone years we shaped these raw ugly lumps into things of beauty, artifacts so ponderous they make men and Gods alike weep at their loveliness.

Another Day…

Quartermaster’s log day 4, 6th June, 2014. Our father always used to say ‘Another day another dime if you’re lucky, if not then you’ll be a dollar in the hole.’ Well today we were lucky and we took another bite out of our giant list of things to do, no small task when said list […]