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Yesterday Today

Yesterday was a cat holiday for those not in the know.  It was Nap Day, an annual day set aside for worship and celebration of the cat god of sleep, Morpheus.  Yeah I know, you thought he was a Greek god but I’m telling you, that Ovid monkey had a cat who he stole the idea from. […]

My Fans Await

I saw my biggest fan today and he’s working hard to get my official fan website up and running. We should be seeing something on that front soon. It’s hard being a celebrity like me but the most important thing is to always appreciate your fans. Thanks for all your hard work Tank!!!

Fandom Abound

Today I met a fan, his name is Tank and he adores me so much he camps out in my back yard waiting to catch a glimpse of me in my natural element. It’s sweet to have such loyal and die-hard fans.  It’s important for big name celebrities like me to make time for our […]