Selling the Sails – An Adventure in Marketing

Branded Sails

We have decided to offer the main sail and head sail to any business that would like advertise on Branded Sails.  The idea arose from the need to raise more funds for this project.  While looking for a company that can put graphic designs on sailboat sails, we found EMC Outdoor, an outdoor advertising specialists, who will make the sails.

Branded Sailboat

A branded sailboat offers the advertiser a unique opportunity to brand a premiere space that is just damn hard to miss. The largest 2-sided branded sail is as tall as a 3 1/2 story building.  Yes I said a 3 1/2  story billboard starting in Alexandria Virginia and moving 5 miles an hour down the east coast of the United States on a 5 month journey to Corpus Christi Texas!

A Lifetime of Brand Exposure

In addition to that brand exposure, the sails will stay with the boat for the life of the sails which has an average lifespan is 5-10 years.  Yes up to 10 years of advertising for just $10,000.  For just $25,000 you can have the headsail, mainsail and jib all branded sails.  For $50,000 you can have all 3 sails branded plus the boat to enjoy for yourself or use as a corporate team building tool in your business after the Voyage of the Argo: A Tale of Two Brothers is completed.

Website Banner Advertising

We are also offering advertising on this very site.  Our goal in organic search engine results is to reach 1000 unique visitors per month with 8000 page views per month by the end of this year.  Our goal for Facebook is to reach 10,000 followers by the end of the year giving us a reach of 35,000 to 50,000 viewers per month.  With this reach comes cost and so we have fallen back on to the boots of capitalism to push this project forward.  Price list and available space to be determined.

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