The Scientist Meets The Artist

Quartermaster’s log day 10, 12th June 2014

I was talking to Dave today about our dreams of the future and an interesting thing happened that made me ponder our dynamic.  I said I hoped that, by the end of our adventures together, I would be a talented enough writer to be able to see my name on the cover of a book.  He replied that as soon as the end of the ICW trip I could likely publish an recounting of the journey as a book making use of my blog entries as notes.  I hadn’t thought of what I was saying from his perspective, the scientist’s point of view.  I’m an artist, and I think of things in terms that familiar to me from that vantage point.  When I say book in this context I have a list of criteria which must apply to make the reality match the image of it in my mind.  It must be a novel, it must be of a significant length so as to convey the totality of the story it tells.  Finally it must, above all else, be a work of art into which I invest a great deal of my time energy and soul.  I want to make something that moves people to tears, or perhaps to laughter or action.  I want it to be something that is read to children hundreds of years after my bones have turned to dust as they are told: ‘He was one of the great writers of his era, he made something that changed the course of thousands of lives.’

Maybe I dream too big, I know.  Then again I get more practice every day and the things I’ll see as we travel will not only inspire me but also convey the experience necessary to create unique and socially valuable work.

I look forward to seeing what other new insights our unique and diverging perspectives will unveil as we work together.  Sometimes the scientist sees things I would never have learned about, and sometimes as the artist I can point out something beautiful that he might have otherwise never have known.  We really do compliment one another well.

We did a lot of work on the website today, adding new videos and even a badass disclaimer on the front page that grants me permission to swear all I want…You’re damn right I can swear all I want, everybody needs to acclimate to that early on.

On another note I should point out that the scratches inflicted on me that were pictured at the end of Motoko’s blog entry for today was perpetrated while I wrote the final line for her where she talks about her revenge.  In fact I had to retype half the line as her sudden attack caused me to highlight and replace much of the sentence with a jumble of letters that could only be translated into: ‘Oh God the pain is so excruciating!!! Why would you do this???’  She then threatened worse if I didn’t fix the missing text.

That said, I’m off to bandage my wounds and get some rest for tomorrow, enjoy tonight’s quote.

 ‘Wisdom alone is the science of other sciences.’


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