Producing a Documentary, where to Start?

Quartermaster’s log day 22, 24th June 2014

Well the laptop is up and running with only minor bugs that have yet to be worked out.  I’ve been kind of sparse with my posts lately because I’ve been so busy working on that damned machine, but things are looking better now.  The only issue I’m left with is getting back into the groove of making daily posts and doing all the other work I normally have, which is no easy task.

Still there’s so much work yet to be done and producing a documentary doesn’t provide me the luxury of brooding over lost time.  I’ve just got to get back into it and do my best to push through before I get any further behind.

First up on my long list of tasks is script work. We’ve made a few changes to not only our overall plans, but also to the information we want to cover in the script.  Basically I need to lose the jokes and rewrite about half of what  already had. It shouldn’t be too hard to do though, especially since I’ve already got what is essentially a rough outline to work from.

Who knew shooting an indie film, regardless of how short it may be, would be such a daunting process.

Next I have to get back on top of the budget I’ve been working on.  This should be easier now that I’ve got a proper computer to do research with and take notes on my findings, allowing me to streamline a process that involved my notebook, smartphone and tablet being used simultaneously before now.

Additionally I need to start looking for and interviewing narrators.  The issue here is finding the right people, one for the main narration and a second one to be Motoko’s voice.  This is important because the voices we use will work to set the tone for most of the film so they have to be carefully considered before any final decisions are made. Especially with an indie film like ours these minor points can make or break the final project.

I also have to shoot some more video for upcoming video logs and events, and get more pictures of the entire crew for use on the website and social media. All this plus I need to contact the Ft. Washington Marina to see what we could arrange for the Bon Voyage party and  more work needs to be done on the Kickstarter page.  Hopefully all will go well on that front and the crowdfunding revolution will work for us.

One bit of good news, I did hear back from our contacts at Pirates in Paradise today and they had some suggestions that will allow us to better plan the stops along our route so we can get more out of the trip.  I’ve been extremely impressed with the correspondences we’ve shared over the last few weeks.  Everyone down there is extremely helpful and they all seem to be almost as excited as we are about the trip.  They’ve really helped this whole process go a lot smoother and with much greater rewards for our work. Well, that’s all I have for today.

I hope you all enjoy todays quote and check back in tomorrow for more…

‘Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.’
-Henry Ford

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