Oh Snap, the Boom Snapped

Oh snap the boom just snapped

We departed Sandwich Marina and entered Cape Cod Canal at 8:30 this morning.  We deployed our mainsail because we had winds coming from the east directly on our back.  Canal rules require your engine to be running at all times while in the canal so we complied.  Our top speed was 7 knots and we averaged 6 knots for all of the canal.

When we cleared the canal we turned off our engine and use sail power.  She sails like a dream, smooth and fast.  However at about 2:30 pm while executing a starboard tack our boom snapped off the mast.  Stephen did a good job of turning us into the wind and holding that course while I took the mainsail down and off the mast.  It took some work but we were able to tie the boom and sail on the side of the boat for the remainder of the trip to F.L. Tripp & Sons Marina in Westport Point, MA.

We will spend the night here and try to do repairs in the morning.

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