Nap Day II, The Renapping

Powder Monkey’s Cats log, 8th July 2014

Yesterday I took another Nap Day.  I needed the extra sleep to gather enough energy for today, Nap Day mark 2!!!

I started off by sleeping in this morning, then had a quick breakfast in the late morning before another nap in my Oceanic Simulation Device.  Then I conned one of the monkeys into giving me some more sardines so I’d be ready for the main event, a nap to end all naps (not that I’d ever end napping).

I’ll sleep from the late afternoon to early morning, then I’ll have excess energy that I can only burn off by running around in the word monkeys sleeping room and bouncing off the walls until he wakes up and gives me more attention.

And that’s what Nap Day is all about.  Have a good one folks.


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