Man On A Mission

Quartermasters Log Day 48, 20th July 2014

I’ve been on a mission.  A complicated series of tasks which have kept me from posting anything recently.  What is it that’s been so nerve racking and tedious that I’ve been up to lately???  I’ve been working on our budget and strategies to fund the next phase of this project.

I’ve come up with this: An Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.  It includes a full pre-production budget and basic synapse for the story so far.  This will help us to get things moving on the overall project and lay the groundwork for success in phase two, during which we raise the production fund. That will likely be the largest of the two fund raising projects, since it includes a lot of expensive film-making equipment.

I’ve also started looking into a limited edition perk for this fundraiser, a promo bag filled with memorabilia and promotional materials which would only be offered during this funding campaign.  I have a few ideas for this but I would really appreciate input from everyone now following the project.

What kind of cool, limited-edition collectibles or promo items would you like to see in this kind of incentive package?

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    With that, all that’s left is the quote:

    ‘May you live to be 100 and may the last voice you hear be mine.’

    -Frank Sinatra

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