Habitats For Catmanity

Powder Monkey’s Cat’s log, 2nd July 2014

It was raining sideways today here.  The cold stuff too, none of that light drizzle or warm summer rain stuff.   No, it was big icy cold drops cutting a swath like little wet ice razors.

Thankfully my palace is safe, warm and dry.  But not all are as lucky as I. What I saw when I gazed out my window today broke my heart: My biggest fan soaked to the bone while waiting for a glimpse of his favorite star.  I knew that this just would not do, so I called on my monkey minions to rise to the challenge.  My crack team designed, constructed and placed a new home for Tank in a matter of minutes.

As you can see it’s a lovely little studio apartment with wall to wall blue velvet carpets and an inverted overhang to offer extra protection against the elements.  The entire thing was fabricated in what I assume to be a small factory in the garage and is made entirely of wood…kinda…



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2 Responses to “Habitats For Catmanity”

  1. Tank the Tabby July 2, 2014 at 10:51 am

    Thank you so much, Motoko, for my beautiful new apartment. You stun me with your compassion and your willingness to share your good fortune, as well as your ability to get things done.
    Your devoted fan, Tank the Tabby

    • Tank,
      I’m happy to help. It’s important to me that all my fans stay in good health. As far as getting things done, well a powder cat’s gotta do what a powder cat’s gotta do. You know???

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