Marathon of the Titans: Ouroboros v. Cerberus

The Third Story in our Trilogy of Adventure


A New Epic For A New Age:

Two brothers, raised 22 years apart, in the same household but in different worlds.  United by a singular odyssey and a shared vision set forth on a quest for St Elmo’s Fire.  Zeus has given them 3 tasks to complete, if they can survive, they will take their rightful place as patrons of sailors and travelers and helpers of mankind.

Task 1: See Voyage of the Argo: A Tale of Two Brothers

Task 2: See Postcards from the Edge: Not all Who Wander are Lost

Task 3: (See Marathon of the Titans: Ouroboros v. Cerberus) we must tame mighty beasts for a marathon race to win St Elmo’s Fire. After we have brought the dread hound Cerberus and the endless serpent Ouroboros under our command, they must carry us in a mad dash around the planet. In this our skills will be pitted against one another as Polydeuces, aboard the Cerberus, contends with his brother, Castor, aboard the Ouroboros, in a great sprint around the globe.

Plot Outline

In the third Trilogy of Adventure, we will race two 45 foot mono-hull sailboats on a seven leg race around the globe.   Starting in New York we will this time sail east with stops in South Africa, India, China, Hawaii, Brasil, and then back to New York.

Time Line

Spring of 2025

Expected Release Date

Spring of 2027

Length and Format of Documentary:

2 hours

Digital – 1080p HD

Intended Audience:

People who are interested in sailing races.

People who make there living and tourism and trade industry.

People who like sports events, travel shows, and adventure.

Goal of the Documentary:


To inspire

To make a profitable film

Other World Sailing Documentaries:

What is new, different, interesting, engaging about our approach:

Style of Documentary:

(Any key stylistic elements in writing, shooting, audio, editing, etc.)




Project Members:

David Taylor -Project Leader, Captain of the Cerberus, Writer, and Actor

Stephen Taylor – Project Leader, Captian of the Oroboros, Writer, Actor

Film Distribution:


Sundance Film Festival

South by Southwest Film Festival

Tribeca Film Festival



Network Television

Sports Channels

Project history:

Historical background or context of the e story Who, what, where, when, how, why?

It began in the year 1986 when David Taylor, having read a book about the first man to solo circumnavigate the globe, became interested in sailing and began to dream of his own adventure.  Fast forward 28 years to the beginning of the plan in earnest.  After recruiting his younger brother, Stephen Taylor, into the fold, the pair conceived of and began planning The Gemini Project.  As the project matured, the pair refined the idea into three stages, thus breaking the whole plan down into more manageable pieces.