To Do and To Don’t Lists

Quartermasters Log Day 35, 7th July 2014

We’ve been extremely busy lately. I try to keep us on task with the use of a daily agenda but when there’s this much to do it’s impossible to cover all the things we need to in a day.  That’s why we’ve been pulling so many all nighters lately, we work to get a certain number of things done and when we look at the clocks it’s already time to start on the next days list.  So we work through another restless night.

Since I’ve begun to get a better understanding of the process involved in producing a documentary, I’ve found our list even more difficult to handle than before.  It’s like trying to wield a hundred fifty pound sword when you expected to have a scalpel. Things can get ugly fast.

We’ve done our best to divide the labor, but we still each have our own weight of responsibility bearing down on us.  For Dave the main responsibility is to make sure the ship is refitted correctly and our route is planned wisely enough that we can both survive if something goes wrong.  A heavy burden indeed and one I do not envy him for having to carry.

For me it’s the type of responsibility I’m all too familiar with, its a responsibility as an artist to my potential audience.  Art like this is about more than any of the individuals who work to collectively give rise to it.  It’s about who you reach and what you do with that fleeting connection while you have it.  It’s a serious drain on a person sometimes.

Just to bolster the projects viability we’ve assembled no less than 2 tiers of contingency plans.  This should give us the extra leeway we need to complete the project no matter what, come rain or shine, be it hurricane or hillbilly nature throws at us.

‘Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.’

-Winston Churchill

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