Crabageddon at the Docks of F.L. Tripp & Sons Marina

Seagul eats a crap for lunch  at F.L. Tripp & Sons Marina

When we pulled into the marina, the docks were full of dead crabs. It appears that the crabs are not coming to the docks to commit suicide, but they are being brought to the docks by seagulls who have them for lunch.

Today we spent our time cleaning and organizing the boat. We will stay here untill Monday to arrange the repair of the boom. The repair and parts department will not be in untill Monday but they have a huge warehouse of parts and a large repair shop. If they cannot fix it no one can.

We could drive on engine alone but wind is free and gas is about $3.75 a gallon at marina docks.  By my estimates if we have to motor the entire distance it will cost about $550 in gas.  That is about $1.20 per mile.  So we are hold up in the sleepy little village of Westport Point, MA for the weekend.

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