Budgets, Scripts and Graphics

Quartermasters Log Day 60, 1st August 2014

Lately I haven’t been posting as much as I should.  It’s easy to let stuff like this get pushed to the back burner and forgotten when I get too busy working on the budget and crowndfunding video scripts and graphics.  Lately I’ve also gotten caught up in the murky world of networking.  I’ve found it really hard to make the necessary contacts to help us get this thing off the ground easily.

So what have I actually gotten done???  I did an overhaul of the Indiegogo site complete with a few nifty pie charts, timelines and even a map.  It’s been along and time-consuming process but with these things done we’re only one video clip away from being able to go live and really get things rolling.  We still have a few days until that happens though so in the meantime take a look at what we’ve got so far and send me some feedback.

You’ll find the Indiegogo site HERE and you can email me through the contact form below.


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