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Who Said That???

Great news today!!! We’ve recruited another member onto the team today and everyone is very excited about it. After some careful negotiations that went something like: ‘Hey, would you be interested in helping us out on this???’ ‘Sure, why not???’ We now have ourselves a talented voice actress to fill the role of our narrator. […]

Man On A Mission

I’ve been on a mission. A complicated series of tasks which have kept me from posting anything recently. What is it that’s been so nerve racking and tedious that I’ve been up to lately??? I’ve been working on our budget and strategies to fund the next phase of this project.

The Story We Create

Quartermasters Log Day 34, 6th July 2014 The other day I picked up a new book and began reading. Well you know how it is with a new book, I couldn’t put it down. It’s actually cost me quite a bit of time that would otherwise have been used on production and budget work. Ultimately […]

And The Votes Are In!!!

Quartermaster’s Log day 31, 3rd July 2014 In the days of buccaneers and corsairs, a pirate crew was assembled of able bodied seamen who formed a loose democratic society. Only two positions were voted on among the crews, the Captain and the Quartermaster, the two most important positions. Together the elected leaders would assign positions […]