Anchors Away in Moriches Bay

The heros of Moriches Bay

It is day 11 of our adventure and what an adventure it has been so far. Yesterday we pulled into Moriches Bay to anchor and rest up from our 19 hour run from Judith Point. We dropped anchor in the bay at 5:00pm and Steve got into the dinghy to get supplies from the local town. It took him about an hour to reach the Windswept Marina where he pulled the dinghy ashore and walked to the nearest store. When he got back to the dinghy to head back the fog had come in and visibility was about 50 feet so he stayed at the marina for the night.

At about 5:30am the rope for the anchor snapped and the Argo began to drift. I was awoke by a loud bang on the port bow to find I had drifted into a rock wall. I immadentaly jumped out of my bunk and started the motor and backed off the wall and began to motor around the bay where it was deep enough for my 5.5ft draft.

I was able o contact Steve about 6:30am and he arranged for John to get a motor boat to guide us into his marina, Windswept Marina. Because of the time it was low tide and we hit bottom and John pulled off the sand bar. We tied up on the dock and plugged in to charge the phones and computer.

In the evening John had a BBQ and invited us to it. He went above and beyond to get us into dock and then feed us. This morning when it was time to check out he charged me $35 total. This was by far the best price for the most service we have found so far.

I bought a new anchor and chain at Moriches Boat & Motor for a great price and also refuled because the pumps at Windswept Marina was closed.

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