Yarr!!! It be a Pirates Life for We!

Yo-Ho Swabies. Ye’ve followed the chart and discovered the booty ‘neath the X. Be ye pirate enough to join our ranks and fight alongside two of the most bloodthirsty and scandalous corsairs to ever darken the Seven Seas???  Then come aboard and join us to set sail for adventure, the like of which ye’ve never spied in all yer days.

Learn to talk like a bonafide buccaneer with the Argonauts Pirate Dictionary.

Crew of the Argo

Voyage of the Argo: A Tale of Two Brothers

Captain of the Argo

Name:  David Taylor
Age:  53
Place of Birth:  Pueblo, Colorado
Education:  University of Phoenix
Previous  Employment:  US Army, Atmel (Microchip Manufacture), A Working Website (Web Design)
Outdoor Skills:  Sailing, Camping, Survival Skills, First aid, Shelter Building, Fire Starting, Water Purification, and Navigation
Talents & Passions:  Photography, Journalism, Marketing, Networking, Thorough Planner, Risk Taker, Adventure Seeker, Nomad
Quote:  If you strip away the labels and isms and meta tags, what are you left with? Are you strong and free enough as an individual to survive the loss of all those crutches and maintain reason and meaning? Can you use the power of thought and choice to walk the road of life?

The Greeks said know yourself. Be confident in yourself and your own efforts will make a life of happiness. So I say create music that fires the mind and inspires the soul; find a greater wisdom through reflection of work, love, art, ideas, family, and friendship; and to realize a greater philosophy for living in this new century.

Voyage of the Argo: A Tale of Two Brothers

Quartermaster of the Argo

Name:  Stephen Taylor
Age:  32
Place of Birth:  Amman Jordan
Education:  Art Institute of Phoenix
Previous Employment:
Outdoor Skills:
Talents & Passions: Film, Photography, Journalism, Risk Taker, Adventure Seeker, Dream Maker, Mover/Shaker