And The Votes Are In!!!

Quartermaster’s Log day 32, 4th July 2014

In the days of buccaneers and corsairs, a pirate crew was assembled of able bodied seamen who formed a loose democratic society.  Only two positions were voted on among the crews, the Captain and the Quartermaster, the two most important positions.  Together the elected leaders would assign positions to the rest of the crew and lay out a chain of command.

Well, in the grandest of sea dog traditions we decided to do this trip pirate style.  We voted and it was nearly unanimous.  Dave got two votes for Captain and I got one for Quartermaster.  So my first act as Quartermaster was to turn to my old friend for some sage wisdom.

I asked: ‘Wikipedia, what in the hell does a Quartermaster do???’  The response was grim.  Apparently we’re the guys who get all the work and responsibility while the Captain gets to generally screw around and have fun.  So after backhanding my new Captain to the point of it being just shy of mutiny, I set to work.

  • First I had to set up a budget and see that we stuck to it.
  • Next I had to get to work securing the supplies and provisions we needed in order to get going.
  • I also had to recruit a crew of loyal men and women to help us along the way.
  • Additionally I’m responsible for dividing up the loot when we get our prize.
  • I also am in charge of discipline aboard ship and can even veto the captains orders when we’re not engaged in battle or actively chasing bounty.
  • And…well the last part is the truly dire part…I’m responsible for leading the boarding party during ship to ship combat.  First in, last out and most likely to die.

Good god what have I gotten myself into???

‘There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.’

-Walt Disney

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