Tilting at Lighthouses

Navigating the rivers and waterways in front of me, I often find myself tilting at the lighthouses I encounter along the way.

While planning this project, many have said that I am tilting at windmills and to sit up straight in the saddle because it’s just a dream.  That may be true but as we make our way across the dismal swamp of creative expression, I see safe harbor coming out of the fog and our vision is closer to becoming reality.

We have developed an ambitious timeline for this film.  Departing from Fort Washington Marina on September 1st, we have 91 days to sail the Argo, a 27-ft sloop, to Key West FL.  We will stop at 39 ports and pass through 28 wetland preserves which we will need time to film and explore all of them.

We end the film by participating in the Pirates in Paradise Festival from December 4th to December 7th.  The plan is to engage the High Tide, a 33 ft Sloop, in a pirate ship to ship battle .  We will also participate in the pirate ship attack on Fort Taylor in Key West Fl.

As we continue to shape this project into reality the doors of opportunity keep opening.  We have received so much help from the organizers of the Pirates in Paradise Festival and the Seven Seas Cruising Association that Stephen and I would both like to extend a special thanks.

We are now accepting applications for an advance ground crew to make preparations at the ports we will be visiting and filming along the way. Having a ground crew to meet us at each port will improve the projects logistics.

The crew will secure the film each day to keep it in a safe and dry location. They will also carry long term supplies, provide better access to short term supplies making the entire trip more efficient.  Although expenses will be paid, it is an intern position only.

Become an Argonaut

If you would like to join our film crew, fill out the form below and we will get right back with you.

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