Um… Um… Thumbless


Because of all the video taping going on in the past few days we have noticed how much we say um when on camera. In Stephens infinite wisdom he has implemented the um rule.  For every um uttered on camera, one digit will be removed from the offender starting with the thumbs.

It did not take long for me to lose both of my thumbs and a few fingers. The Argonaughts have threatened to start calling me Cap’n Nubs. In a revenge move, I moved Stephens desk next to mine so he can feel the evil eye as I pound away at the keyboard with my three remaining fingers, two of which are my pinkies.

Today we bought some much needed camera equipment and resupplied the food larder. Work continues on the website and social media sites. The Analytics tracking package is starting to fill it’s database with website traffic data in preparation for the marketing campaign. We are developing the business side of The Gemini Project in preparation for full funding. It is my belief that we can produce a National Geographic quality documentary. This is a great story and Stephen is a great writer. It is gold all the way around.

We have decided to push back the launch date of The Gemini Project to October 1st and end on Dec 7th with the closing ceremony happening in the famous Pirates in Paradise celebration in Key West Fl.   This imfamous celebration takes place from December 4th thru December 7th.  The move gives us 4 more weeks to plan and prepare for the documentary.


  1. Cut! Take it from the Top. Scene 1 Take 95The Gemini Project - June 15, 2014

    […] I have Stephen busy writing scripts and website content so inevitably there is going to come a time when I actually have to do something.   Well today is that day.  I had to make my first video today and as you can clearly see I look like I was being held for ransom and forced to read from a script.  With time and practice comes success, so bare with me and we will all get through this with all of our thumbs intact (see yesterday’s post). […]

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