The Stars Align

Quartermaster’s log day 11, 13th June 2014

It’s amazing how sometimes in life things just fall into place.  This project seems to be coming alive and perpetuating itself sometimes.  Though we have set back our timeline some and adjusted our projections many times since the beginning of the project we seem to be progressing towards something ever greater in magnitude.

Already the project is inspiring to those around us, exciting those who were once indifferent to the idea.  We’ve recruited other into the fold just by sharing our story and ideas so far and there seems to be no end to the spread of the optimism about everything we’re doing.

As for David and myself?  We can clearly see a path through this tangle of project deadlines and necessary legwork to a place where we can realize our dreams and desires.  Be they having a home and career, adventure and excitement or giving something to generations yet to be.

When the circumstances in life situate themselves properly men can become mighty…and we are, indeed, mighty.

I hope you all enjoy today’s quote, and I wish you all a goodnight.


‘For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.’

-Vincent Van Gogh

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