Spending Money To Make Money

Quartermaster’s log day 26, 28th June 2014

Well it seems I’ve been having some trouble getting back into the swing of daily posts here.  A lot of the issue is just me taking some time to myself to break up the tedium of the little daily stuff we have to do to get this project running but yesterday was an off day because we spent a lot of the time working on a website for A Working Website to bring in a little more funding for the stuff we need to get things really rolling.

Money…It’s always an issue isn’t it??? It seems like the more work we do on the concept and website design the more money we need to fund what we’re doing.  It’s the same catch 22 everybody runs into when pursuing a dream I think.

‘You must spend money to make money.’

It’s a phrase attributed to Titus Maccius Plautus, a Roman poet, playwright and philosopher and he was an insightful fellow.  I know that the new big thing in business seminars and the like is telling people that this is a fallacy but the real truth is this.  It depends entirely on what you’re doing.  If you’re in a situation like ours, where the funding is far from guaranteed, you have to roll the bones and invest in getting the word out if you want to see a return. 

Still, things are going well thus far.  We have lots of people excited about the project and I like the look of our prospects for funding.

I also bought some new toys for Motoko today…and apparently some fish, though I don’t remember getting the latter.  Anyway hopefully this will translate into some new videos of her to share with everyone.

‘A wise man should have money in his head, but not in his heart.’

-Jonathan Swift

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