Raising Hell On Fundraising

Quartermaster’s Log day 30, 2nd July 2014

As the Argo’s Quartermaster, I have a number of responsibilities.  First and foremost I’m in charge of  ships finances and provisions, meaning I see to it that not only do we spend our money in the right places but also that we have money to spend.  I imagine you have a better understanding now of why I’m the one constantly gibbering on about my budget.

So, being that we find ourselves short on the necessary funds for supplies vital to completing the prep work to get this project going, I was forced to take stock and find a solution.  That very solution, is what I’ve been working tirelessly at for the last few days.  We’ve restructured the entire project to form an umbrella company under which Dave’s old web development company will be a subsidiary.

This allows us to work on websites for small business’ in our precious free time, while later being able to dole out the responsibility to minions employees.  Dave says I can’t use the company to become a Supervillain and draw from it’s employee pool to train and arm my own crack team of deadly henchmen.

Anyway, as I was saying, this will give us a little bit of cash flow to buy the essentials we need to be able to get to where we need to be in order to begin fundraising in earnest.

So far, prospects on this front look good.  We’ve already got one job on our plates and another ones about to be served up.  The first, which we’ve already completed, is for a construction company called Brechbill and Helman.  For this one the page is already complete but waiting for approval before going live which should happen sometime in the next week or so.  We’ll also be training someone from the company on how to update the page and make adjustments which should be a fairly quick 2-3 hour tutorial.

The second is for a local consignment shop for kids’ stuff.  This one is going to be interesting and we’re still waiting on a bit of information before we can begin work.  That job will also require a tutorial session to teach the client how to update and maintain the site.

So whats this all mean???  Well, it won’t interfere with the updates on our website as we’ve designated that to be the chief priority.  It will negatively effect our down time however, which is rough on us as we didn’t have a lot of that to begin with, as evidenced by the double all nighter we just pulled taking only 2-4 hour breaks to sleep once or twice over the last 53 hours.

I’ll try to continue describing the Quartermaster’s list of duties over the next few days so keep an eye out for that.

‘All things are difficult before they are easy.’

-Thomas Fuller

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