An Evolutionary Process

Quartermaster’s log day 6, 8th June 2014

It may not have been as productive a day as I’d have liked but I still think we did well, all things considered.

I know we have a lot on our plates, but sometimes personal life pulls one or both of us away from the project. When that happens a hiccup in our productivity is bound to occur.

I think the real test is in how we deal with these hiccups.

Do we allow them to derail us, leaving our plans strewn about the countryside like cadavers? Or do we push through and try harder to make up for lost time.

Perhaps for the first time in my life, I choose to do the latter.

I was able to get some more work done on the Kickstarter script, I intend to push that through so we can shoot and edit it over the next week and have it ready for our page when it goes live.

I’ve done my best to make sure we cover all the pertinent material and tried to throw some humor in there as well.

How successful I’ve been will, I’m sure, be a matter of hot debate.

We also took some time to work together on the design of our business card today and I think we found the perfect one for our project.  Hopefully we’ll have those ordered and on their way soon.

I’ll have more on those when we finalize the design and the order comes in.

Today’s quote is a special one, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

‘Sometimes the thoughts in my brain are subject to the laws of natural selection…one idea eaten by a better one.’

-David Taylor

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