Now I Remember…

Quartermaster’s log day 20, 22nd June 2014

I finally managed to initiate the recovery procedures to reset my laptop to factory specifications tonight and during the process I suddenly remembered why I hate working on computers.  Getting this up and running has really been bogging down my productivity lately.  After its done and I can actually use it again I’ll be able to do more quicker.  I may even be able to get my old bamboo tablet up and running for some Photoshop work.  We’ll see I guess, as I still have several hours of reformatting and reinstalling to do before I know if it’s going to work.

While taking a break from that earlier I was less to play around with the hero3 a bit today.  It really an impressive piece of hardware and delivers some incredibly sharp images and videos.  I’d really like to get several more of them and mount them all over the boat, since they can be activated and set to record remotely.

I’m constantly amazed at how parts of this project continue to fall into place.  Just last night I had an errant thought, then turned to Dave and proceeded to make a joke about it.  But suddenly the joke had run away with us held hostage.  It quickly became a clear vision of exactly how to end the documentary, from the narration to the closing scene.

I really want to lay out exactly what we’ve got for you all but I’m afraid it has to remain a secret for now.  I will tell you right now that it, as well as the rest of the film, will be well worth the wait.

In doing this project the way we are, I find that we’re developing our own unique process as we go.  It makes for some great innovation on old ideas and some unexpected surprises along the way.  It also means we can’t take anything for granted. The smallest joke or most seemingly insignificant comment could be the next big idea.  Anything we say or do can change the story at this point and it’s constantly changing.  As Dave is so fond of saying, everything is fluid until it happens.  Everything we plan is able to change itself and remold its form to fit perfectly into the story.  And what a fascinating story its turning into.

Were going to try to do some more recording of ourselves brainstorming and working on the plan so we can really show everyone how this process unfolds.  It’s often a very entertaining process for onlookers I’d imagine.

‘With confidence, you have won before you have started.’
-Marcus Garvey

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