Kra-taten Fool…

Quartermaster’s log day 18, 20th June 2014

Lots got done today.  Dave was able to get the hatch repairs prepped by doing some cleaning and laying out of materials and I was able to complete designs of our pirate flag as well.

It was nice to work on some graphic art for a while.  I guess it just feels good to have my training on that front utilized once in a while.  I really enjoyed getting to put my aesthetic abilities to use on this and I’m quite proud of the results.

Perhaps most importantly we were able to get a lot of work done on the Kickstarter page today, it’s really starting to look good.  For now we have a placeholder video but we were able to fill out a good deal of information potential investors would be interested in.  As a result I’m feeling more and more confident at our prospects on that front.

We were also able to do some big overhauls of the website last night and today, leaving it very nice looking and with a wealth of information at the users fingertips.  We added a pirate section for all our buccaneerin’ needs.  I plan on working on a special Argonauts pirate dictionary to be featured here.  Expect words like Kra-taten and Voten, the meanings of which I’ll decide later.

‘If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.’
-Bruce Lee

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