The Importance Of Planning

Quartermaster’s log day 13, 15th June 2014

Today I was able to get some work done on the documentary outline and we worked some on the itinerary for the trip.  Dave did an excellent job of planning things out with the level of precision we need to be successful here.  I’m extremely impressed with his dedication to the task and his skill and finding the exact route we need to maximize what we can get out of this trip.  I’m excited and I think you’ll all be equally thrilled when you all see everything we’ll be able to share with you along the way.

There’s a couple of reasons the  itinerary is so important.  First, it gives people an idea of what to expect as far as the content of the documentary.  Secondly, it gives potential investors and sponsors a certain level of confidence in our abilities.  After all if we can’t properly plan the trip how can we be expected to plan the multitude of other smaller details out which will be what the quality of the final product hinges on.  Finally it allows us to begin contacting local history buffs and tourism boards along the way to ensure our content isn’t left wanting.  These are just a few of the most important reasons that today’s efforts were vital to what we’re trying to do.

I would like to tell you more about what I did today but to be honest most of it would be less than gripping if not tediously boring.  As much as Dave would like you to believe I can spin an epic tale out of anything I just can’t do much with the compelling story about looking up phone numbers and writing emails. I will say, however, that a lot of legwork got done today and tomorrow is going to be another big day for knocking out some of the more mind numbing stuff we have to get done.

But all is not lost, my friends.  I’m going to be making a video tomorrow of my first crack at embossing.  We picked up a kit to be able to make our leather bound log books extra special for the lucky pair who get them through our Kickstarter page.  I’ll be practicing on one of my personal notebooks to make sure we can do it right on the nice log books we ordered about a week ago.  I’ll be going over the process in a video that you’ll be able to find on YouTube and on my daily log tomorrow. In the meantime I wish you all well and goodnight.

‘Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.’
-Salvador Dali

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