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Powder Monkey’s Cat’s Log, 24th June 2014

Yesterday was a cat holiday for those not in the know.  It was Nap Day, an annual day set aside for worship and celebration of the cat god of sleep, Morpheus.  Yeah I know, you thought he was a Greek god but I’m telling you, that Ovid monkey had a cat who he stole the idea from.  Look it up!!!  Or don’t, whatever…I don’t like being proved wrong.

Anyway the cat god Morpheus is one of the most important gods in the cat pantheon.  He’s the god of naps!!!  He’s right up there with Nereus the old cat of the sea and god of fish, who’s another of our gods the monkeys stole.  So we spend the day taking extra naps in between our regular naps.

That’s why many of you monkeys charged with the sacred task of caring for cats may not have seen us around much yesterday.  We were all napping.

For those who did see cats being active and decidedly not napping, well I should point out that Nap Day isn’t what you’d call a regular holiday, we celebrate it when the spirit of napping moves us.

Hey how many cats have YOU seen checking days off the calendar???


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