Geocaching: A Modern Day Treasure Hunt!

Violette’s First Geocache of the Day

Violette wanted to go on a treasure hunt today so I downloaded the geocache app to my cell phone and next thing you know, we are geocaching.

What is Geocaching you ask?

Ggeocaching is a game that reveals a world beyond the everyday, where the possibility of a new discovery hides under park benches, in the forest, and probably a short walk from where you are right now. The adventure begins by searching for cleverly hidden containers called geocaches. There are more than two million geocaches waiting to be found throughout the world, in more than 180 countries.

You can download your copy of the geocache app from iTunes or Google Play.

Finding a geocache can be a challenge but we found all 3 of the geocache sites we looked for today. We found one under a park bench and the second one under a rock along a rock wall, it took a few minutes of searching but we found it. While at the second geocache site Violette had time to play in a nearby stream.  She wanted to catch a small trout that was swimming upstream in front of her.

After a snack of  sweet tomatoes, peaches, chips and ice tea, we loaded up and headed for the third and final geocache of our treasure hunt. As luck would have it was located at the Grove Family Library, we found the geocache located at that location and after understanding what the geocache is, you realize sometimes the best place to hide in plain sight.

I must say, although not much in it for me as an adult, it was great fun watching Violette open the boxes and discover little trinkets.  In accordance with the rules we replaced what we took with something new.  Insuring the adventure continues for the next geocache hero.


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