Gathering of the Argonauts

Gathering of the Argonauts

Athenian winemixing bowl, c. 575–550 BC, found in Etruria.

Working from deep within the bowels of Navel Headquarters, located in Chambersburg PA, I am pleased with the planning of this expedition.

Although outgunned and out-manned, my Argonauts are the ones to outclass their adversaries and they radiate the strength of will necessary to win this fight.

Moral is high and the crew has been pressing forward at full tilt, achieving an incredible pace.   The gods have favored us with strong wind in our sails and the warm sun on our face.

I am impressed with my Quartermaster‘s ability for leadership, his talents are like a gem in the rough waiting to be uncovered and polished to brilliance.  His vision, drive and mastery of the English language never fails to inspire me to do better, to achieve more.

Stephen is proving to be a indispensable asset to the crew during this odyssey.  The gang have nicknamed him “Word Man” because of his mad writing skills.

Good news everyone, today we acquired music for the Kickstarter video.  We have started videotaping the preparations for this documentary.

The plan is to try and produce one short YouTube video per night from our archived footage in order to help build the fan base as well as get some practice for the actual filming of the documentary.

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