Finding the Balance


My excitement and anticipation was such that I couldn’t sleep, I am not tired however, I’m far too excited to be tired.  It is 71 degrees, we are stowed and about ready to go.  We replaced a bent anchor and will check the inflation of the dingy before getting underway.  Captain Polydeuces took me out to international waters so I could see nothing but ocean and sky.  It was so amazing.  He let me go to the bow of the boat, it was just as amazing and thrilling as I had always imagined it would be. The good Captain gave me the till, I was gripping it with a “death grip”, and struggling so hard to hold the azimuth.  He told me to stop fighting it and to find the balance.  I loosened my grip, I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and exhaled slowly, and I found it, I could feel the balance.  He had a very hard time getting the till back from me after that.  We pulled into Ocean City, MD after dark.  And yes, I am sunburned, lol.

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