Fandom Abound

Powder Monkey’s Cat’s Log, 13th June 2014

Today I met a fan, his name is Tank and he adores me so much he camps out in my back yard waiting to catch a glimpse of me in my natural element.

It’s sweet to have such loyal and die-hard fans.  It’s important for big name celebrities like me to make time for our fans and show them the appreciation they deserve, so I’m taking a walk among the people today.

I’ll be signing autographs after a brief photo shoot of me with my adoring public and then there will be a brief Q&A session before I retire to my fabulous mansion for the evening.

Further inquires about my schedule of public appearances can be directed to the president of my new fan club, Tank the Tabby.



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  1. Tank the Tabby June 14, 2014 at 5:45 pm

    Awwww… I think she likes me! I was worried she might resent my intrusion on her yard space, even though she rarely ventures out of her personal Palace. Let me tell you, I am relieved to hear that that she hasn’t taken offence to my frequent visits to her domain.

    I am also honored to have been chosen to head the official Motoko Fan Club. I am working on a website for our club and expect tremendous response from fans anxious to join and pay tribute to the beautiful Princess of the Sea (aka Argo’s Powder Monkey/Mascot).

    For those of you who can’t wait until i get the website up and running to join the club, email me for an application.

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