The Ephemeral Magic of The Internet

Powder Monkey’s Cat’s Log, 1st July

Today the magic monkey was talking about his special brand of sorcery and I must say, even I was impressed at his command of such a vast amount of what seemed like crazy person gibber-jabber.  It truly made no sense at all to me but the word monkey explained it to me later so maybe he was talking in some kind of code.

So apparently, the way it works is if we get enough people to like us on Facebook then the magic monkey will have enough mojo to create enchanted internet gnomes who will carry our status updates across the interwebs for us.  This is important because as of now the monkeys have to courier the updates themselves.  I’m not sure exactly how heavy these updates are but the effort of schlepping them around always seems to exhaust the poor dumb monkeys.

So please, help save my monkeys from more backbreaking manual labor.  Like us on Facebook today so we can get our very own internet gnomes, working for us.

Save a monkey spine, like us on Facebook.


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