Cut! Take it from the Top. Scene 1 Take 95

Captian’s Log:

June 15th 2014

I have Stephen busy writing scripts and website content so inevitably there is going to come a time when I actually have to do something.

Well today is that day.  I had to make my first video today and as you can clearly see I look like I was being held for ransom and forced to read from a script.

With time and practice comes success, so bear with me and we will all get through this with all of our thumbs intact (see yesterday’s post).

Today’s activities included some route planning.  We are very pleased with all of the national reserves and parks we will be able to visit while making this documentary.

Some of our planned stops include; Martin National Wildlife Reserve, Norfolk VA, Kitty Hawk NC, Charleston SC, Savanna GA, Cape Canaveral FA, ending in Key West FL for the Pirates in Paradise Festival.

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  1. What the hell??? You cut ALL of my lines out for this yawn of a monologue??? I hit all my ques perfectly!!! How could you cut me out??? And not even for a prettier face either…

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