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Across The Board

Everything just fell into place as Dave and I worked our magic on the raw lumps of clay most men would call ideas. Like the master artists of bygone years we shaped these raw ugly lumps into things of beauty, artifacts so ponderous they make men and Gods alike weep at their loveliness.

A Day of Reflection

Quartermaster’s log day 5, 7th June 2014 Today was mainly a day of reflection and introspection.  While we didn’t get as much done today as we normally do, we both took time to look back on the process so far and to look further ahead at long term plans. I think it was important to […]

Another Day…

Quartermaster’s log day 4, 6th June, 2014. Our father always used to say ‘Another day another dime if you’re lucky, if not then you’ll be a dollar in the hole.’ Well today we were lucky and we took another bite out of our giant list of things to do, no small task when said list […]

Product vs Production

Today was extremely productive, I’m truly proud of what we managed to accomplish today. If can keep this pace up we won’t find any difficulty in meeting our deadlines and goals. On top of that it feels good to have gotten so much done, the sense of accomplishment is a reward in and of itself.


Avast ye scurvy riddled bilge rats!!!  Drop yer swag and close yer grog holes!!!  We…oh wait what???  I see…I see…Okay I just got word in that we’re not resorting to piracy and that my pirate speak is weak.  My apologies ladies and gentlemen.  So lets take it from the top… Quartermasters log day 2,  June […]