Aye Spy…Or Is It Eye Spy???

Powder Monkey’s Cat’s log, 30th June 2014

Aye spy with my pretty eyes a cliche explained…

I learned that monkey pirates back in the day may have used their eye patches to preserve night vision in one eye while above deck, allowing them to instantly adjust to the dark conditions when traveling below by switching which side the patch covers.  I find it hilarious that they needed to go to such lengths.

My eyes are perfect in every way, not only are they a stunning shade of emerald green but thanks to my tapetum lucidum I’m able see perfectly in almost any level of darkness.  To up the ante my iris can close to a near invisible slit allowing me a better depth of field in bright light and my whiskers also grant me the ability to feel out a fully three dimensional mapping of my immediate surroundings.

Oh, and did I mention I never have to blink???  Though I do sometimes squint at those I like to show them how much I trust them.

That doesn’t even take into account my other 4 senses.  Yes, that’s right, all cats have a total of 6 senses.  What’s the other one you ask???  Forget it, your feeble minds couldn’t handle the knowledge of what we sense beyond sight, touch, taste, smell and sound.  Your heads would explode.


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