Avast ye scurvy riddled bilge rats!!!  Drop yer swag and close yer grog holes!!!  We…oh wait what???  I see…I see…Okay I just got word in that we’re not resorting to piracy and that my pirate speak is weak.  My apologies ladies and gentlemen.  So lets take it from the top…

The Quartermaster and his maps

The Quartermaster and his maps

Quartermasters log day 2,  June 4th 2014.

It was quite a productive day today, in spite of the fact that I was out of town for the first half of it.  I worked out some of the broad details of the audio/video budget and should have the base outline done for that by Friday.

The bottom tier of the budget will include little more than a single underwater high-def  camera and a basic audio recorder with an adjustable sensitivity on the microphone.

Additionally I was able to go over the notes I had so far on the Kickstarter video script with David and we agreed to set aside time tomorrow to work them into an outline.   This is vital because we want the page to go live on Monday the 16th and we still have lots of work to do for it.

Perhaps most importantly, we added me into the webpage administrative system tonight, allowing me to begin my log.   Now I can go ahead and start sharing my thoughts and plans for this adventure.

On the agenda for tomorrow, we have scripting work as well as budget outline and website work to be done.

We also hope to get some work done on the Kickstarter page incentives list before meeting with a social media marketing consultant in the afternoon.

Finally, Id like to leave you all with a meaningful quote to commemorate my inaugural entry.

Thank you for reading.

‘To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive, and the true success is to labor.’

-Robert Louis Stevenson

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