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Powder Monkey’s Cat’s Log, 19th June 2014

I watched the word monkey bang his head against the wall trying to pick a pirate name today.  Even the magic monkey thought a passable name up.

Of course, it can’t hold a candle to mine.  It doesn’t strike pant-wetting fear into the hearts of man and beast alike, as mine does.  I don’t even need to pick a fake one like those two chumps…I mean chimps…I use my real name to terrify my enemies into submission.

For I am the terror of the far east, the fearsome, the grim, the unnerving, The Dread Pirate Motoko!!!

That’s right I see by the collective puddles at your quivering feet that my ghastly reputation precedes me.  Then you should also know, I can only be appeased with fresh fish! So relinquish to me your fish at once!

-The Dread Pirate Motoko

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