Then Along Came Some Pirates

Quartermaster’s log day 15, 17th June 2014

…and they sat down beside us.

High Tide

The High Tide

Today we were in contact with Julie, the lead organizer of the annual Key West (Fla.) Pirates in Paradise event, and we got a lot of plans started.

It looks like we’ll be taking part in a special mock naval battle against a 33-foot sloop known as the High Tide.  This impressive vessel was built by Admiral Finbar himself in 1980 and is captained by a duo who were once part of the crew of the Wolf.  Captain Seth and Captain Cassie just completed a two year-long refitting on the High Tide and now she’s ready for action.

I only hope our skills will be up to the challenge and that the Argo will prove  to be a worthy adversary.

As of now the plan is for the Argo to take part in the attack of the pirate fort then to turn her sights on the High Tide and give captains Seth and Cassie a run for their money.  Then all that booty will be OURS!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Wait…What’s that???

Okay, I’ve just been informed that there is no booty to be had.  At least not in the form of doubloons, fine silks and gold bullion.  But win or lose, we all get to take our cut of the real treasure here: The exceptional video footage and an overabundance of good times.

In other news, I feel I need to apologize.  I still don’t have an embossing video ready for you.  Some of the tools I assembled are, well, makeshift.  A situation which, a  it turns out, doesn’t lend itself to an easy task.

Who knew???

Anyway, I tried to do a video and when I was done I had gold leaf glued to my fingertips.  So I’ll get better tools and try again in a few days.

I’d like to end my log today talking about schedules and itineraries.

We’ve laid out a route and Dave has been working on it for days now, which makes me feel very at ease when it comes to the navigation.  He pretty well can see the map in his sleep now, that is in no small part due to the subliminal learning I’ve been helping him with in his sleep.

My theory is that he can absorb the information via osmosis so I’ve been repeatedly hitting him in the head with our chart book every night.  Sure he complains at first, but he always stops after a few good thwaks and  he never remembers it in the morning.  Although today he did talk like a leprechaun for about an hour after getting up.  We gave him a box of lucky charms and went about our business.

Thanks to his tireless efforts we have a good route laid out with a lot of interesting points of interest along the way.  Please take a moment to check it out and further validate the nightly concussions.

I leave you today, as always, with a quote and a smile.

‘Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.’

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