1st Entry as Captain of the Argo

Greetings Argonauts, I am Captain Dave. Allow me to welcome you aboard the Argo, a ship of adventure and enlightenment.  Join us for an odyssey of discovery as we journey down America’s Intracoastal Waterway.

The Argo is an Irwin 30 Competition sailing Yacht. The sailboat has a finkeel and Drafts about 5.5 feet.

The Argo has one V-berth and one Quarter-berth with two full size benches and a folding dining table. She has a galley and head to provide the necessities of living aboard for 3 months.

Currently the Argo is being refitted at Olverson’s Lodge Creek Marina located on the south fork of the Yeocomico River at Lodge Creek, Va.

Scheduled maintenance includes repainting and inspection of the rudder and keel.  While on the hard stands we will also have an engine turnup and upgrade the 2 burner alcohol stove to a 2 burner propane stove.

Today I mainly worked on setting up websites for the new documentary.  Although we have much to do in the next few months I am very optimistic that we can achieve our goals.

Stephen’s enthusiasm for this project is fueling my fire, so all in all morale is very high.

The Argo

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